制造商:Analog Devices
说明:特殊用途放大器 800MHz LINEAR-IN-dB w/ AGC Detector
Analog variable gain range: ?12 dB to +22 dB
Linear-in-dB scaling: 37.5 dB/V
3 dB bandwidth: 800 MHz @ VGAIN = 0.5 V
Integrated rms detector
P1dB: 16 dBm @ 140 MHz
Output IP3: 33 dBm @ 140 MHz
Noise figure at maximum gain: 9.5 dB @ 140 MHz
Input and output impedances: 50 ?
Single-supply voltage from 4.5 V to 5.5 V
RoHS-compliant, 24-lead LFCSP

Complete IF AGC amplifiers
Gain trimming and leveling
Cellular base stations
Point-to-point radio links
RF instrumentation

The AD8368ACPZ-REEL7 is a variable gain amplifier (VGA) with analog
linear-in-dB gain control that can be used from low frequencies
to 800 MHz. Its excellent gain range, conformance, and flatness
are attributed to the Analog Devices, Inc., X-AMP? architecture,
an innovative technique for implementing high performance
variable gain control.
The gain range of ?12 dB to +22 dB is scaled accurately to
37.5 dB/V with excellent conformance error. The AD8368 has
a 3 dB bandwidth of 800 MHz that is nominally independent
of gain setting. At 140 MHz, the OIP3 is 33 dBm at maximum
gain. The output noise floor is ?143 dBm/Hz, which corresponds
to a 9.5 dB noise figure at maximum gain. The single-ended
input and output impedances are nominally 50 ?.
The gain of the AD8368 can be configured to be an increasing
or decreasing function of the gain control voltage depending
on whether the MODE pin is pulled to the positive supply or
to ground, respectively. When MODE is pulled high, the
AD8368 operates as a typical VGA with increasing gain.
By connecting MODE to ground and using the on-board rms
detector, the AD8368 can be configured as a complete
automatic gain control (AGC) system with RSSI. The output
power is accurately leveled to the internal default setpoint of
63 mV rms (?11 dBm referenced to 50 ?), independent of the
waveform crest factor. Because the uncommitted detector
input is available at DETI, the AGC loop can level the signal at
the AD8368 output or at any other point in the signal chain
over a maximum input power range of 34 dB. Furthermore, the
setpoint level can be raised by dividing down the output signal
before applying it to the detector.
The AD8368 operates from a supply voltage of 4.5 V to 5.5 V
and consumes 60 mA of current. It can be fully powered down
to <3 mA by grounding the ENBL pin. The AD8368 is fabricated
using the Analog Devices proprietary SiGe SOI complementary
bipolar IC process. It is available in a 24-lead LFCSP and
operates over the industrial temperature range of ?40°C to
+85°C. Application boards are available upon request.

制造商: Analog Devices Inc.
产品种类: 特殊用途放大器
系列: AD8368
放大器类型: Variable Gain Amplifiers
通道数量: 1 Channel
GBP-增益带宽产品: 800 MHz
Ib - 输入偏流: 150 uA
电源电压-最大: 5.5 V
电源电压-最小: 4.5 V
工作电源电流: 60 mA
最小工作温度: - 40 C
最大工作温度: + 85 C
封装 / 箱体: LFCSP-24
高度: 0.83 mm
长度: 4 mm
电源类型: Single
宽度: 4 mm
商标: Analog Devices
开发套件: AD8368-EVALZ
最大输入电阻: 5 Ohms
工作电源电压: 5 V
产品类型: Special Purpose Amplifiers
工厂包装数量: 1500